Hello and welcome to my new blog. It is far from how I want it to look but the combination of learning to use a Mac AND WordPress is proving to be quite a challenge for somebody as technically deficient as me. Bear with me as I try to customise it over the coming weeks to get it looking just right.


So here I am. 50 and not frumpy …. well I hope so LOL. This blog idea has been brewing within me since I turned 50 in July and as corny and cliched as this may sound, I really did feel my life change on a number of levels that I’ll share with you in coming posts. 

This blog will be about stuff that’s important to me…. like health, fitness, beauty (yes I was near the front of the line when God handed out vanity) and home styling which is a fairly new passion. I warn you though, I am a TOTAL amateur when it comes to styling so its going to be a case of ‘suck it and see’. 

If you’ve made it here or stumbled upon me by accident , leave a comment to say hi and share your thoughts with me. Whilst I love to write, its always easier to do so when I’m interacting with real people and not just my computer screen.

Cheers all



12 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Hi Magda! You’ve nailed a fabulous blog idea. How you look at 50, is an inspiration to me. Just under 17 years till I reach that milestone, (hadn’t thought about that till now)….but fit, toned, healthy, not looking older than my age and not looking frumpy are what I aspire toward……and you have well and truly ticked all those boxes!

  2. Hi Magda

    Long time reader of your blog. You look fabulous and you look really really happy. Looking forward to following your blog. Christine

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